See what our grownups are saying about their time away at summer camp:

I miss you all already 💔
— Alisha M, 2018
Definitely in the running for Camp Director of the Year! 😘
— Josh D, 2018
Thanks everyone for a great weekend in the woods! Major props to Heather for her super profesh cabin counseling - the decor! The snacks!! And to J$ the fearless Director who brings this group together year after year! Hope Monday goes easy on us all! #maketludagreatagain
— Eva K, 2016
The pouring of the fireball really brings me back :p
— Alisha M, 2015
Thanks for inviting us out to jam with all of you!
— James B, 2013
Copying Joshua - My memory loss photos were on Saturday - On Monday I went on a long run to try and recall the memories. All I got was seeing Drew’s penis, the slip n slide, Philip screaming “you bit me,” and Patrick playing the drums. Jeff, I’m sorry I don’t remember cutting you. Good times!!
— Anonymous, 2013
Finally my favorite day of the year is here! Now it’s not Christmas and my birthday is a close second but it’s the first day of Tluda! I don’t think I will sleep tonight in anticipation. Can’t wait to see you all there and party like rockstars!
— Louis B, 2013
Thanks $! Always a good time, and you make it look easy!
— Brittany B, 2018
I love Tluda!
— Heather F, 2017
You haven’t lived until you’ve played light-up frisbee high AF in a pitch black parking lot. #TludaTweet
— Anonymous, 2016
Camp tluda
— Alisha M, 2015
I still hear power lines...
— Courtney A, 2015
Had so much fun tonight meeting everyone! Even more fun coming up with a potential Camp Tluda Anthem! Check this out (4 stanzas for the 4th year)
— Loren M, 2014
[Day After] Does anyone have any Prozac for this sad day? :(
— Philip G, 2013
You guys are the best!!! Can’t wait til next year!!
— Veronica H, 2013
Yes!!! Thanks Jocelyn for such a great Tluda!!
— Gina G, 2018
Sweet 16! Thanks for all the laughs, xo
— Marlow M, 2016
Thanks for all the pictures Jocelyn!! So many great memories ;)
— Courtney A, 2014
Is it next summer yet? So Much fun!!!!
— Melissa M, 2015
Dear Camp Tluda,

I love all the faces, and the amazing and the love. We all just won at life. Thanks life teammates.


— Katie W, 2015
My body is broken. It hurts to walk, it hurts to sit up, it hurts to think, and i’m still wearing my tluda shirt. I didn’t think it was possible to have more fun than tluda 2012, and I succeeded! CAN’T WAIT FOR TLUDA 2014!!!
— Brian O, 2013