Every Camp Director needs a team of Camp Counselors - meet 2018's dream team!

interested in being a camp counselor? Remember to check box “Yes” on the registration form when asked if you would like to be a camp counselor.

Duties will include
     •  Communicate all operations of summer camp to your cabin mates
     •  Help plan meals and supplies within your cabin, arrange carpool, other logistics
     •  Help promote cabin unity with fun ideas and team bonding, and a cabin name
     •  Work with Camp Director on activities and games itinerary
     •  Serve as a sounding board for any conflict which arises in your cabin
     •  Attend (2) planning meetings
     •  Enjoy a unique “Thank You” gift


Jocelyn Coimbre, Director & Counselor

Jocelyn has been to Camp Tluda since the inaugural 2011 session. As Camp Director, she starts planning for the next session right after the previous, by gathering dates and availability, then booking cabins, and on from there with blood, sweat and tears - mostly blood.

This is her 2nd time being a Camp Counselor, and 7th time being a camp director. Jocelyn is a recruiting manager at Lyft and enjoys short walk sprints on the city boardwalks, with various adventures between each sprints. 


Ian Taylor, Camp Counselor

Ian is one of the few that was a camper in the 2011 session. With the exception of 2013, Ian has been to every camp session since the beginning. He is one of the many hearts of adult summer camp, bringing his chugging abilities, grilling tactics, and unforgettable hugs to the group.

This is Ian's 2nd year as a camp counselor - 3rd unofficial year - and he is remarkable. He is dependable and punctual, and always good for a laugh and just about anything. Ian also comes in handy those Sunday nights with his guitar by the camprie. 


Heather Freeman, Camp Counselor

Heather has been hooked on summer camp for grownups since her first attendance in 2013. She is still in search for the coveted shirts of the two years prior, but brings enough energy to make up for the years' lost.

She puts her whole heart and soul, but even more glitter, glue, paper, decorations, candy and many many trips to the $1 store to make the weekend amazing for her campers. Heather has been a counselor since her first year, totaling 4-years on the team. She also loves sharks. 


Alisha Malcolm, Camp Counselor

Alisha joined Camp Tluda as a camper in 2015, and a first-time counselor in 2016. She is accompanied by her sidekick husband, Gary, so bring 2x the fun and energy., and some scorpions.

With a background in event planning, Alisha brings the force with her sign painting and cabin themes to create a unified front. Her tactics are thought out, and perhaps sometimes vicious, but in the end there is mostly just love and beer.

Brian Olmsted, Camp Counselor

One of the longest running campers of Tluda, Brian has been going strong since 2012. He is most famous for the kiddie pool - shotgun - beer - vomit incident of 2013, but he's so much more!

year as a camp counselor! He brought the wisdom and yearning to get involved, and helped out his fellow alumni. Brian's infamous catchphrase is not limited to, but is "NO!". Catch him in the morning and ask him to get up? You'll find the phrase there